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For pigeon fanciers

For pigeon fanciers

In making the plans for the Olympiad, we put the sport and the fancier at the center, not commerce or the organization.

Our vision is that during the weekend of the Olympiad, there will be all kinds of things to do in the MECC in Maastricht for the enthusiasts and their family/family/friends. Now every enthusiast will have their own preferences, but we have all the ingredients to put together an interesting menu. The location, the MECC in Maastricht, offers unprecedented possibilities and as it looks now we have the MECC for ourselves that weekend. In this edition of Olympiad News, we take a closer look at what's on offer during the Olympiad.

Fair and exhibition

We expect all reputable companies and organizations to be present at the fair during the Olympiad. An international Olympiad stage, where we also expect many international visitors, is an excellent opportunity for them to present themselves. For enthusiasts, it is convenient that you can see and discuss all the novelties and possibilities at the fair. The inner man has also been thought of. There is enough space for catering and we will make arrangements with the caterer to keep the prices affordable. We also want to keep the entrance fee to the fair affordable. And although we do not yet know the final price, we are aiming for an admission price of € 15 euros for a day ticke

In a separate but connected room will be the exhibition of the performance and standard class Olympiad pigeons. At your leisure and away from the hustle and bustle of the fair, you can view the best and most beautiful pigeons our sport has to offer.

Award ceremonies and honors

We have decided to have all award ceremonies of the 2023 season take place during Olympiade. The National Seniors and Youth Champions, the Grand Prix winners, the Ladies League and the fans representing the Netherlands at the Olympiade will all be honored during Olympiade. What could be better than being honored during the biggest event in the world. It also brings pigeon fanciers together and that in turn creates its own dynamic. And for the ladies, something special is sure to be organized under the Ladies League banner.

Because of the unique set-up of the MECC, we can seamlessly blend fair, exhibition and honors and the winners get the attention they deserve. It is also possible for the winners' fan clubs, association and family to attend.


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