January 26-27-28thThe Netherlands


The program for the 38th Olympiad is all about the enthusiast. It contains plenty of possibilities for every fancier. Besides that, it is also a fantastic opportunity to introduce family and friends who are not (yet) familiar with our beautiful sport.

Construction will begin on Tuesday, January 23, with the setting up of the exhibition hall for the Olympiad pigeons (Sport and Standard Class). The pigeons will be received starting Wednesday afternoon, January 24. Construction of the booths will start Wednesday, Jan. 24 and be completed on Thursday, Jan. 25. A welcome meeting is planned on Thursday evening for the delegates of the foreign federations and the FCI. The Olympiad will officially start on Friday, January 26. 

Daily program

  • Friday, Jan. 26, 2024: Click here for the complete program on Friday, Jan. 26.
  • Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024. Click here for the complete program on Saturday, Jan. 27.
  • Sunday, January 28, 2024. Click here for the complete program on Sunday, Jan. 28.

Award ceremonies 

The program for the awards ceremonies has been announced. Click here for the complete program.


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